A letter from Gregory at Seaflight Aviation!

Following the ACA cabin Air Ionizer system installation on our company’s Gulfstream G550 last July and after two months of a busy flight schedule, I am in the pleasant position to inform you that the system performs as advertised. In fact, it exceeds our expectations regarding the air quality in the cabin. Specifically, since the ACA system was installed on out G550, all cabin odors from the galley, lavatories, and humidity disappear within a couple of minutes of the air conditioning system activation.

What really impressed us was the fact that the oil vapor odor during engine starts that used to linger in the cabin for a few minutes until all the cabin air was flushed out by the air conditioning system, with the ACA system operating it disappears within few seconds.

In general the passengers as well as the crew report feeling  refreshed, with a feeling of well being even after long flights.

One last unexpected effect of the ACA system is the almost complete elimination of the static electricity generated by crew members and passengers walking the length of the cabin on the wool carpet. The static electricity manifesting itself in the form of annoying electric shocks any time they reached for a metal door handle or similar metallic fitting.

Overall, we are very impressed with the system performance, and coupling this to the very professional and neat installation by the ACA team, I would  strongly recommend it  to fellow Heads of Flight Departments and Directors of Maintenance.


Gregory Chrysostomidis,

Director of Maintenance

Seaflight Aviation Ltd

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