ACA Review from Kevin Iocovozzi at DS Aviation Services, Inc.


My name is Kevin Iocovozzi.  I’m an ex-Gulfstream employee who has been a Gulfstream consultant for the past 21 years.  I oversee new aircraft deliveries and major refurbishments.

We recently installed the ACA ionization system on G550 5224 in conjunction with a $4.5 million refurbishment.  The Principle is a heavy smoker and we wanted to alleviate the smoke smell in the cabin and permeation into the aircraft’s softwoods.

I can honestly say the device works as advertised!  In my 20+ years of completing acceptance flights, I’ve never seen a customer smoke in the cabin!  During our three hour test flight up to 3 engineers were smoking (as directed by the boss).  In each case within 6 minutes of the cigarette being extinguished, there was no trace of smoke or smell.  Pretty amazing.

I’m ordering three additional units this year for other customers.  I feel it should be a standard installed device on all Gulfstreams to eliminate food odors and other aviation type odors.

-Kevin Iocovozzi

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